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5 Sure Ways for Real Estate Agents to Drive Web Traffic Through Social Media

5 Sure Ways for Real Estate Agents to Drive Web Traffic Through Social Media

5 Sure Ways for Real Estate Agents to Drive Web Traffic Through Social Media



As a real estate agent, the constantly demanding lifestyle that you lead will cause you to have less time for yourself because you have several clients to attend to daily. 


As client-focused as you are (and should be), you should also be focused on promoting your services and credentials to grow your client base and become a leading figure in your industry. Promoting your website and loading it with engaging, meaningful content is a good way to attract more eyeballs to your real estate services. But, you can ease the pressure of garnering traffic to your website by leveraging social media to your advantage, attracting audiences on social media as well as the wider web, the ultimate two-for-one deal. 


Did you know that nine out of every 10 marketers believe that website traffic benefits from increasing social media marketing? Social media has millions of people online every day, so why not capitalize on that by using your pages and profiles to engage a greater audience and bring that audience in droves to your website? As a real estate agent, here are a few industry secrets showing you sure ways of driving web traffic through social media. 


Using Social Credibility to Boost Your Website’s Value 


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One of the best benefits of social media marketing to drive increased website traffic is gaining social credibility to boost your site’s value and visibility. This is called using social proof, and it’s a tactic that brings out the human element in your real estate brand experience, ensuring you’re relatable to your targeted audience. 


Social proof is similar to testimonials and customer reviews in that it shows that people are engaging with your brand and hold it in some esteem. People are always looking for comments and feedback from others to determine whether or not they want to persist with a brand. As you know, people looking for real estate agents to help them buy/seek properties seek reviews, referrals, and recommendations to help them make educated decisions. 


By incorporating social comments, reviews, and feedback into your social media content and embedding that in your website, you immediately get people talking about what you offer and how your services help them. Just ensure that you use social proof as long as you have permission to repurpose it. 


Timing is Everything 


One of the biggest questions any brand or person in an industry asks when promoting themselves on social media is ‘When is the best time to post on social media?’ 


Truth is, there is no one right answer to that question as different brands experience different peak times for when their audiences most interact with their page. What is sure is that you can’t generate increased website traffic when there is little to no engagement. 


Some best practices list that the best times to post on social media daily are between Tuesdays and Thursdays, particularly in the mornings. However, your best bet for timing your social posts to drive website traffic is by examining your own data. You can check your insights on Facebook and Instagram to see when your followers are most active and then post your most engaging content at those times, whether it be photos of you closing a deal or useful information to help clients make wise mortgage decisions. 


Increasing Your Visibility


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Many people have short attention spans and need visually appealing content to keep them invested. Reading several lines of content will cause people to tune out quickly, even if what you’re trying to tell your clients is important. 


Rather than going the text-only route, use as many images, infographics, videos, and other aesthetics as possible to ensure improved client engagement. Visuals help brands develop an emotional bond with their audiences, triggering stronger reactions and making your content more interactive. You can do videos explaining your services and speaking on key topics like the housing market or dos and don’ts when buying/selling a house. You can use infographics to break down the financial aspects of things like renovations, mortgages, and interest rates. 


Especially considering that social media is a place where visuals best translate with viewers, you can post these visuals on social media and link your website to these posts so they can read more information about the topics you’re breaking down to them. 


Being Responsive 


Statistics show that clients are naturally drawn to brands that regularly engage with them and provide them with personalized customer experiences that they cherish beyond the typical buyer-seller relationship. 


Make every effort to draw customers to your content by engaging in the comments of your social posts and responding to all queries, good or bad. Audiences feel valued when they know their concerns are regularly addressed. While addressing their concerns, you can include links to your website while providing feedback so that they can read further information about the topic or service they’re enquiring about. Not only do you need to prove your expertise in your field, but you also should showcase your customer service skills so established clients and prospects know they can trust you.


Use Visible Call-to-Action Buttons


When people come across your blog content and love it, they may want to share the content with others on their social media profiles/newsfeeds, which, in turn, directs their friends and followers to your page. If there’s no clear option to share it, however, they’ll leave right away, and you lose out on an opportunity to drive favorable insights to your page. 


An enticing, easy-to-read share button or button with a clear CTA does the trick. Embed share buttons close to the content, preferably at the bottom of your content. You can even include the number of shares to show clients that other people find your material worth sharing too. 


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