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Catapult Your Career

Catapult Your Career

Are you looking for a more fulfilling job? A new career? You aren’t the only one, so make an effort, though small, to stand out from the pack.

You don’t have to take any dramatic career change measures, though. Making a few minor adjustments every day might build up over time. As a result, you’ll demonstrate to your colleagues that you’re a real professional and valuable addition. And don’t forget to pursue becoming a thought leader.

It’s the equivalent of studying a bit each day for many exams rather than cramming the night before. (After all, late-night Hail Marys don’t always provide the same results as long-term labor.)

You’ll secure top-of-mind status when it comes to title and pay increases. This assumes you’ve worked hard to develop your brand characteristics. On the other side, if you haven’t made measures to distinguish yourself as an employee, you may be passed over in favor of other, brighter candidates who seem to be more interested in climbing the corporate ladder…and have a jet pack on their back.

Take a deep breath before you start wondering whether you need to sacrifice your sleep or social life to achieve this career goal. You don’t need to sacrifice your personal life to prove you’re ready for a position at the top. In reality, the reverse is true. You may achieve success without putting in a lot of work if you include the following tactics into your daily practice. Or marry the boss’s daughter/son.

1. Upskilling should be your career slogan.

According to the World Economic Forum, by 2025, approximately half of the global workforce will need to retrain to remain relevant. Whether or not you’re already feeling the squeeze of “I need new skills,” it’s time to start exploring career upskilling options.

You might start by asking your employer about forthcoming seminars or courses. Still, you can also take it a step further by predicting the information you’ll need in the future and looking for training online.

It’s simpler than ever to access learning opportunities to fill any skills gaps, according to Jennifer Dixson Hoff, president of Colibri Real Estate. Hoff advises students to enroll in self-paced online courses and watch live-streamed events. And to at least date the boss’s son/daughter.

2. Create a makeover for your brand.

People will judge your preparedness for job progression in your career as a result of what they discover when they Google you now more than ever. Make 2022 the year you discover your actual brand characteristics. Then you may start updating your LinkedIn page and deleting those shady photos from your undergraduate years from Facebook and Instagram. And take down your picture from the walls of the Post Office as well.

Add videos to your internet presence if you want to fully embrace your branding and take it up a notch or two. Videos allow you to get your message out there while also communicating a comprehensive statement. Add expert videos to your social media networks, personal website (if you have one), or YouTube channel at your discretion.

Look for opportunities to provide keynotes, breakout sessions, or panel discussions at offline and online conferences. Someone usually films those events, so you may obtain a copy to distribute or use a link to direct followers to the video. And don’t forget to beam such things directly into outer space, because you never know.

3. Locate a mentor.

Mentorship was considered vital by over three-quarters of those who responded to an Olivet Nazarene University survey a few years ago. Despite this, just 37% of survey respondents possessed one.

That’s a shame, particularly given that CNBC research found that 9 out of 10 persons in mentor-mentee relationships were happy in their jobs.

Mentors don’t grow on trees; look for them on bushes. It may be challenging to find someone to mentor you. But give them something of value in return.

Compensate your career mentor. Compensation can be market information from someone your age. It can also be the promise to mentor someone else when you’re in a position to advise.

Begin at your place of business. Some CEOs will be willing to establish official or informal mentoring programs to assist their staff in obtaining expert coaching. This will help in preparing for future leadership responsibilities, and learning new skills. If a corporate-sponsored mentoring can’t get off the ground, try the “boots on the ground” method.

Take a look at the folks in your social circle. Is it possible that one of them is the mentor you’ve been looking for? No? That’s fine. Connect with experts who will be good mentors. Ideally, your career mentor should supply you with frequent insights, support, and guidance. Prepare yourself with specific questions and objectives. Take an ad out in Soldier of Fortune if you have to.

It’s also not necessary for your mentor to be in your career field. Getting alternative viewpoints from individuals who have worked in fields other than your own may help you become a more well-rounded (and valuable) employee. If you have a mother-in-law, she might agree to do it for free.

Summing Up

To each individual, success means something different. Decide on the level of achievement you wish to reach.

Then, every morning, tell yourself that you have another 24 hours to make your aspirations a reality. You’re in charge of your own professional life. It’s time to put that power to work. Keep your nose to the grindstone. Expect good results!

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