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Personal Branding Mistakes: Don’t!

Personal Branding Mistakes: Don’t!

Personal branding has risen in popularity in recent years, but so have many mistakes. So…how can you establish your personal brand gold?

Let’s examine the personal branding question as if we are all famous influencers.

Personal branding is the process of building your public presence for your target audience. Likewise, it means accurately expressing your values, beliefs, objectives, and purpose.

Consider the public image of several well-known corporations.

Nike, for example, has built a brand around athletes, high-performance gear, and supporting active people. You’ll find examples of both branding and Nike everywhere, from magazine and TV ads to social media pages.

That’s how you build a personal brand. Maybe you can’t promote in magazines or TV, but you must consider your brand while speaking online.

Personal Branding Mistakes to Avoid

In the world of online marketing, people often overlook personal branding. They believe that understanding how to use social media to promote their company is enough to succeed.

That’s far from the truth.

Personal branding is critical to any online business’s success. We’ll go through some common entrepreneur mistakes so you don’t make them. Let’s move on to the personal branding faults you must avoid. Prepared? Here we go.

1. You haven’t set a goal.

Think about what you want to be known for — or recruited for. It feels nice to boast about your many skills in a tight labor market. After all, you never know whether you’ll get hired for your expertise in video editing, blogging, or baking a delicious rum cake.

Trying to be all things to all people is like applying for 1,000 jobs. Focus on a certain issue and audience.

Not sure where to focus?

Examine your professional highlights for a link. Maybe you’d want to sell yourself as a charming emcee for weddings or other special occasions. Maybe you’ve always been organized and want to develop your wedding planning side company.

The internet has a lot of noise. Maybe you can foresee future interior design trends and get a following on Pinterest.

Decide who you want to be first, then promote yourself. As soon as you can articulate your specialty online and in-person and exhibit your expertise, the right people will find you.

2. Doubtful branding applies to you.

Personal branding may help you progress your career, whether you’re a high school senior or a C-suite executive. Personal branding is all about advertising and distinguishing oneself online.

It’s about controlling your online shop to achieve your goals.

If you are a high school senior, you may want to get into prestigious colleges. When applying for an internship or summer job, college students must show their skills.

A C-suite executive may wish to develop their business, obtain more customers, or move into a different industry.

Whatever you do, your online presence may help or harm you. Don’t think that personal branding doesn’t apply to you.

3. You’re not providing accurate data.

You’ve pitched a tent on LinkedIn and researched Twitter, but you’re not getting any traction. Which branding errors are you making?


Not every status post should include the VIP you met or your new job. The “rule of thirds” works well on social media. In other words, a third of your posts may be for selling your “brand.”


You’re one of the few that realize not everyone enjoys your daily meal. Be cautious not to hold back due to modesty, shyness, or privacy concerns. Don’t be that person who publishes anything — from too-revealing swimwear images to off-color jokey talks with your BFFs. What is social media’s sweet spot? Therefore, a mix of professional and personal interests, with a dash of your dazzling personality — all without being too intimate.

Aim for the share value.

Share interesting articles, ideas, and resources you’ve discovered online. Your friends and followers will immediately know you as a helper.

4. Affirming a false identity.

Whenever we first meet someone new, we usually want to show our best selves. Maybe our apartment is cleaner than usual. Maybe our jobs are more exciting and remarkable than they were last week. Therefore, this strategy may help you capture someone’s attention and build a deeper bond. To keep a relationship going, you may have to become someone you are not.

Personal branding is a little like courting.

Putting your best foot forward online can help you catch the attention of institutions, jobs, and new clientele. But be careful not to overdo it. Nobody likes a liar in their life. Therefore, personal branding and relationships need authenticity. However, avoid masquerading as someone you’re not.

5. You lack a website.

In conclusion, your website can best manage your message since it will dominate a Google search for your name. Consider your website as a showcase of your skills. No need for a slew of frills. By this time, it’s usually too late. There is a lot of ground to cover.

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