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E-Meet Your New Clients

E-Meet Your New Clients

Prepare to make that initial e-meet interaction effective and productive if you conduct Zoom meetings with people you don’t know yet.

Before you e-meet a new client or coworker, there are four things you should do.

This goes for Zoomers as well! The majority of today’s meetings and networking opportunities take place online. Even once the worst of Covid-19 has passed (hopefully soon), we’ll most likely continue to make a lot of e-connections.

When you’re ready to meet someone new, there are a few things you should take to ensure that your digital connection is genuine and meaningful. Prepare to make that initial screen-to-screen interaction effective and productive if you conduct Zoom meetings with people you don’t know yet.

Conduct Research


When we want to learn more about something or someone, we all know that we resort to Google. In our all-virtual, all-the-time world of work, of course, you should search e-meeting someone new.

When you Google them, use quotation marks around their complete name to obtain the best results. Seek at the first page to see what comes up and look for clues about who they are. If the first page of results seems to be about many persons with the same name, filter out the rest by adding a term you’d identify with them.

What is a fascinating thing you’ve discovered about them? Check out which social media accounts pop up. While you’re at it, click the “pictures,” “videos,” and “news” tabs at the top of the Google results to learn more about who they are and what they’re discussing.


When it comes to professional relationships, LinkedIn is the most important social networking site, and it’s a gold mine of information you can use to learn more about individuals you meet. Here’s how to go through a profile for the most helpful information. Get a bird’s eye perspective of the situation. Examine the following elements.

  • Take a look at their LinkedIn profile and see what they have to say about themselves, as well as their experience and education.
  • Look for commonalities between you and them.
    • Did you both attend the same high school?
    • Have you ever worked for the same firm before?
    • Do you have a similar interest in travel or architecture?

Make a list of standard connections.

Look to see if you have anything in common with them. This is e-meet protocol. This shows towards the top of their profile, just below their number of connections.

Mutual friends or connections are among the most powerful strategies to create a stronger bond. Take note of how they pronounce their name. Experts say that the sound of one’s name is the loveliest. So you want it to be perfect.

If they have audio on their LinkedIn page, you may hear how they pronounce their name by clicking on the speaker icon next to their name.

See how this sounds to you in your e-meet.

Look around to see who they are seated with. Check out the “people who visited this profile” box on the right side of their page. Are any of these folks familiar to you? What is it that they all share in common?

Look into what piques their attention. Their Interests section is at the bottom of their profile. Examine Influencers, Groups, and Companies for shared interests. Examine them from the perspective of those who know them. Test the endorsements and suggestions to do so.

Examine what others consider to be their most potent abilities and how others see them based on the suggestions they got. First impressions define the tone of future encounters.

A little investigation may help you develop a lasting relationship from the initial digital interaction. Make sure your digital home is in order.

Another aspect of preparation is to ensure that your initial impression is genuine and captivating. That is to say, concentrate on making your LinkedIn profile outstanding. Send them a LinkedIn connection request when you’ve completed your profile, and remember to personalize the message.

Become an expert in the e-meet.

The last preparation phase is to show that you’ve mastered online interactions by mastering Zoom meeting essentials.

You may have the most intelligent and funny discussion in the world. Still, locking your eyes on the wrong spot, or if you seem to be in witness protection because the light is coming from behind you, or you sound like you’re in a tunnel, you’ll smear that all-important initial impression.

Take these steps before e-meeting someone to ensure a positive first impression. It can only help your personal brand improve!

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