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Branding Goals: Lessons from Pop Icons

Branding Goals: Lessons from Pop Icons

It’s no secret that Rihanna is the queen of setting personal branding goals. She is the world’s wealthiest artist and second richest female.

Rihanna’s empire is just behind that of Oprah, yet another queen of personal branding. In addition to her singing career, Rihanna has become a pioneer in pop culture, fashion, and beauty. She used her celebrity to develop the very successful Fenty Beauty and Lingerie Savage x Fenty brands. There are lessons for anybody interested in branding.

Here are three personal branding tips from Rihanna.

Inclusion sells.

Inclusion was one of Rihanna’s and her team’s primary branding goals while expanding their brand. She offered hundreds of hues of foundation for her beauty collection, which delighted those typically seeking hard-to-find deeper foundation tones.

There has to be something for a dark-skinned girl, something for an ashen girl, anything in-between, Rihanna said at the Fenty Beauty launch. You want people to enjoy the product, not feel like, “Oh, that’s lovely, but it only looks good on her.”

Darker shades sold out quickly. This shows that inclusiveness is the correct thing to do, but it also sells. Keep it emotional.

Customize your goods.

Branding is one of Rihanna’s existing assets. She creates items and lines that seem individualized, both to the buyer and to her history and style.

When I was a youngster back in Barbados, I competed in a pageant, and my mum handled my makeup for it. I’ll never forget how pleased I saw my skin after she applied foundation. I adored it. It was Photoshop-like. I want my makeup to appear like flawless skin. [My mother] worked at a department shop in Barbados and did bridal makeup. The infatuation with cosmetics and scent started there, but I couldn’t wear makeup except for special occasions.

This level of vulnerability helps Rihanna audience connect with her and makes her goods more relevant.


Use your audience for fresh ideas.

Rihanna might have made a living making popular songs and walking red carpets. Those items alone might have given her a career and a fortune. Instead, she used her mega-fame to launch new businesses across sectors.

Rihanna has 110 million Instagram followers and 103 million Twitter followers, which she has transformed into a passionate brand following. Her devoted admirers have called themselves the “Rihanna Navy,” which has propelled her new business initiatives to unprecedented success.

Rihanna’s brand continues to soar, and there are valuable lessons for everyone. Every firm can benefit from Rihanna’s remarkable success, whether it realizes that inclusiveness sells, personalizes every product, or uses followers and superfans to promote new endeavors.



Keep these personal branding steps in mind.

1. Establish your objectives.

Defining your objectives is the first step in every effective marketing campaign. Therefore, your advertisements should have a clear, quantifiable goal. That way, you’ll be able to determine if they’re working and to what degree they’re working objectively.

However, making quantifiable targets will also help you to examine several campaigns and improve the ones that aren’t working well while doubling down on the ones that are.

2. Think about what’s popular right now.

Keep it up to date. Trends are worldwide these days, and they’re taking over the social media landscape, so knowing what’s popular and how to incorporate it into your campaign is critical.

However, this might be accomplished by the use of vertical graphics, pop culture allusions, and so on. Therefore, just make sure your material remains relevant to your intended audience!

3. Concentrate on your ideal customer.

Always keep your ideal customer in mind. This is something that a lot of firms do incorrectly.

They emphasize themselves, why they’re amazing, and what they have to offer. However, all commercials (and all marketing in general) should be about what the end-user gets out of it. Period.

4. Pursue personal clarity.

Companies should make their offerings simple to grasp so consumers can determine if they’re interested or not while creating a high-quality social media ad.
Customers are likely to go on to the next item if there is any doubt about what you’re offering.

5. Come up with a call to action.

You might have the most relevant, sensitive, instructive, and amusing advertisement ever, but without a call to action, all of your efforts to ensure that your ad reaches and touches as many people as possible would be useless.

All of the customer’s emotions, relatability, and information should point them in the right direction for what to do next. All of the ad’s enthusiasm will vanish if it isn’t included.

Strong women have strong brands. How about you?

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