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How Cloud Computing Brands Can Best Leverage Blog Content

How Cloud Computing Brands Can Best Leverage Blog Content


How Cloud Computing Brands Can Best Leverage Blog Content


Cloud computing is a space that prioritizes fast innovation, the improved flexibility of resources, and economies of scale by delivering a wide range of computing services. Cloud computing is an intricate yet intriguing field that requires a bit of walking through to help new clients understand how cloud computing works. 

Want to know a secret? Maximizing your blog content is the best way to introduce new clients to your cloud computing services while also educating your current consumer base about the wider benefits of the technology you offer. You not only want to communicate the effectiveness of your services/technology but highlight value wherever possible, showing cost savings and how clients can best fulfill their objectives. Using social media, typing up newsletters, optimizing your SEO practices, and creating captivating landing pages are among some of the best ways to make your blog content spicy and engaging.

Not sure where to go with your blog? Here are some ways how cloud computing brands can best leverage blog content and improve brand positioning. 


The Power of Social Media 


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There is arguably no more powerful tool to use for your blog content marketing efforts than social media. We’ve long passed the stage where social media is a may-have; it’s a universal must-have. Having a strong social presence makes your cloud computing brand visible, relatable, and engaging. You immediately garner attention from target audiences. Considering that adults spend an average of 95 minutes daily on social media, the opportunities to capitalize on online interest are plentiful, especially as people seek nuanced technological solutions to make their lives easier. 

Social media is a good way for cloud computing brands to extend their networking capabilities and outreach, connecting with prospective customers while garnering insights that can be used to enhance future marketing campaigns. Considering that end-user spending on cloud computing services is expected to skyrocket in 2022, there is a clear need for customers to learn about the technologies and how to implement them into their business. The easiest way to provide such knowledge is to use social media to spread awareness about your blog content. 

Social media users are immediately greeted by content every time they open their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram newsfeeds. Armed with a strong visual, a witty caption, and a quick summary of your blog content, you grab immediate attention from users and direct them to your website to read the blog in its entirety, as well as any relevant content. For example, if you’re explaining how cloud-based servers work, you can direct users to content about a specific aspect of servers or a page with related content about servers and how they work. 

The more engaging your blog content is and hashtag-optimized your social posts promoting your content are, the more newsfeeds your content will permeate, leading to curious viewers wondering what services you offer and asking key questions about what you do. 

There’s also a good chance that interested audiences will like and share your content, increasing your blog link clicks and providing more chances for users to understand your brand. Catchy titles, tagging any other social accounts featured in the blog content, and using short, sweet descriptions for link previews increase the number of likes and shares your posts garner. 


Using Newsletters


Another strong way to get people clicking on your cloud computing blog content constantly is by leveraging a regular newsletter. 

Newsletters are easy ways to engage clients and prospects to read more about your services while also articulating the value of the technology you’re offering. Anytime your clients and prospect opt-in to your newsletter, you know they want to hear from you about your content and services, immediately showcasing your authority. It’s a good way to position your brand as a leader and shows an investment towards helping customers best understand what you’re selling to them. 

Statistics show that 87% of companies leverage newsletters as a vital marketing tool. Email marketing remains a strong value driver for businesses and allows you to highlight the most important points in your blog content, immediately communicating the finer points meant to win the trust of your readers. Especially if you’re aiming to become a thought leader in the cloud computing space, newsletter opt-ins show you are a go-to source for everything related to the industry or a particular niche within the industry. 

It’s easier to leverage your blog content and pull inspiration from that to create newsletters rather than starting from scratch, saving time and guaranteeing informative content people will care about the moment they open their inboxes. Give your subscribers a small taste of what’s coming in your blog content, creating intrigue and with a strong call-to-action that prompts them to read more. 


Optimizing your Landing Page 


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Your landing page is the most crucial page on your cloud computing website. It’s the page that you use to capture strong leads from a targeted audience and introduce them to what your brand is all about. Your social media, advertising, and newsletter all direct people to your landing page resulting in a focused marketing effort that elevates your outreach potential. 

A best practice to follow with your landing page in mind is to pick a subset of your overall target market, then position cloud computing blog content to them using direct and straightforward language, yet appealing to speak to key pain points. With a focused approach, you establish better connections with your audience and can speak to each customer’s needs. If you’re addressing cloud storage concerns, explain why deployment software is such a key element of cloud computing architecture or relaying how software-as-a-service provides scalability to businesses, your landing page should make that clear from the outset. 

Add sections that link back to your resources and make them the focus of your landing page. There should always be blog content that’s available to each subset of your market, showing your brand’s range and willingness to broach any topic with confidence, positioning you as a leading figure in your industry. 


Don’t Forget Those Visuals!


People’s attention spans aren’t that long. Especially in a day and age where so much information gets processed and shown daily, there’s only so much content that one can read in detail. Consumers remember visual content considerably better than written content as they retain information easier. You can use an infographic to detail the effectiveness of your software or platform-as-a-service or create a graphic or video showing how deployment software enables SaaS or PaaS, with how-tos and best practices. 

Visual content drives traffic to your blog content, including image alt texts that contribute successfully to your blog content’s accessibility. Plus, these descriptions, particularly if they use topic-relevant hashtags or keywords, will position your visual content higher on search engine rankings. Aesthetics never hurt, as long as they don’t distract from the purpose of your content and what it’s trying to accomplish. 

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