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How To Create a LinkedIn Newsletter and 9 More Tips

How To Create a LinkedIn Newsletter and 9 More Tips

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Can America’s Cities Make a Post-Pandemic Comeback?


  • Not one way – “one that favors choice, rather than thinking there’s only one way to live or work,”
  • The sort of young people who don’t want to come back to the office,” he says, “don’t really know what they’ve missed.” They think that the experience of “working from a Starbucks is all there is, and that they’re having just as much career development as they would have if they were surrounded by mentors.” They aren’t. He cites a study that finds remote workers face “a 50% reduction in their probability of being promoted.”

Refurbished Gear From Phones to Vacuums: It’s Cheap, But What’s the Catch?

  • The cost savings are probably the most common reason people consider refurbished products. Sometimes the discount is relatively small, as with something like the Nintendo Switch Lite gaming console. Its retail price is $200, but Nintendo sells refurbished versions for $30 less. But the discount is often significant. Apple sells the iPhone 12 for $700, but you can usually buy a refurbished version in good condition for $450.
  • There are issues at times but for the most part, though, people are just as satisfied with refurbished gear as they are with new ones

Free Streaming Services


  • Kanopy
  • Hoopla
  • Amazon Freevee
  • Tubi
  • The Roku Channel
  • Pluto TV
  • Peacock
  • Also: Check Your Cell Plan

Mark Zuckerberg Is Blowing Up Instagram to Try and Catch TikTok


  • Facebook ranks your friends based on how much you engage with them and orders their posts accordingly. If you search for cake decorating videos on Instagram, expect to see more in your suggested follows the next time you log on. If you shop online for ankle boots, they’ll turn up in your feed. The upside of that kind of algorithm is a $116 billion advertising business. The downside is, people get bored.
  • TikTok delivers a level of algorithmic magic that’s a step beyond, introducing people to stuff they had no idea they would be entertained by—which has the effect of boosting no-name stars into the spotlight as long as they’re creating great content.

10 Things People Do to Be Successful in Retirement

  • They understand their income is their biggest wealth-building tool.
  • They make a monthly budget—and stick to it.
  • They invest 15% of their household income in retirement.
  • They have a long-term vision for investing
  • They live below their means
  • They keep their hands off their 401(k) plans.
  • They stay away from get-rich-quick investments.
  • They have a plan, and they update it when they need to.
  • They work together with their spouse (if they’re married).
  • They meet regularly with an investment professional.

In A Result No One Saw Coming, Rich Strike’s Kentucky Derby Win Helps Redeem Racing

  • Saturday – May 7th – Kentucky Derby
  • Lesson – Always be ready
  • One horse dropped out, by “luck” another horse and their jockey got in
  • Rich Strike – won – 80 to 1 – odds
  • Won one race in his life
  • Raced in claiming races
  • Got enough points to to race in the Kentucky Derby as a backup horse
  • In 2016, in a fire – 23 horses died
  • Owner wanted to quit – daughter encouraged him to go forward
  • Sonny Leon, a Venezuelan

How to Start a LinkedIn Newsletter With Your Company Page

  • A regular “newsletter” is important
  • Regular cadence
  • Grow your LinkedIn Audience
  • Share thought Leadership
  • Notify subscribers about new content
  • Provide ongoing value

Bethenny Frankel Took Years to Become an Overnight Success


  • 2.6 million followers on Instagram
  • Ms. Frankel says she was still bouncing checks a little over a decade ago.
  • became a health-food chef, starting a line of gluten-free cookies in 2003. She would bake “all night in borrowed spaces,” then deliver the goods to stores and private clients the next morning in an “awful car with a cracked windshield,” she writes.
  • In 2005 she earned a spot on a spin-off of “The Apprentice,” in which Martha Stewart replaced Donald Trump as the host.
  • On “Real Housewives,” which premiered in 2008, Ms. Frankel distinguished herself from the gaggle by being quick-witted, sharp-tongued and funny.
  • After years of hustling, Ms. Frankel says her days now feel like they belong to her again.

 Three Twitter Features Businesses Can’t Ignore Any Longer


  • Live Audio And Video On Twitter Spaces
  • Reach Your Audience With Twitter Newsletters
  • Twitter Communities Helps You Speak Directly To Audiences
  • How Will I Know If My Twitter Efforts Working?
  • It’s Time For Your Business To Get Serious About Twitter

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