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How To Live Your Worst Life. 25 Quick Tips.

How To Live Your Worst Life. 25 Quick Tips.

We talk a lot about how to live your “best life”. But what does it look like if you wanted to know the steps to live your worst life?

I’m a host of Breakfast with Champions, one of the fastest-growing shows on Clubhouse (the audio only app). In an episode, I did a “spoof” show and walked the community through my best tips on how they could live their worst life ever.

Think about it.

For high-achievers we are always on a journey to live our best life.

For most of us, we’ve had to grow in being the best person we can be.

Many of the most successful people have had addictions, abuse, and other terrible lives.

But all are on the journey of success.

What are some things you can do if you want to NOT LIVE A SUCCESSFUL LIFE?

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  1. Wake up late. Don’t rise early. Don’t be the “early bird to catch the worms…”.
  2. Go to bed late. This will help you wake up late.
  3. Check your phone first thing in the morning. Don’t focus on God or yourself. Check those social notifications. Be distracted.
  4. Don’t spend time with God. He’s the MOST important thing in your life, so why spend time with him?
  5. Don’t write down your goals. Don’t write down your ambitions and desires. Instead, let them fade away.
  6. Seek to only uplift yourself. Focus ONLY ON YOU. Don’t find people to cheer on. Just shine the spotlight always on you.
  7. Eat soda and junk food daily. Yes, sugar, salt, carbs and more. Remember you ARE what you eat.
  8. Don’t move your body. Live a sedentary life. Stay in the office chair. Even better, stay in the recliner and eat chip dip off the arm rests.
  9. Surround yourself with still people (still unforgiving, still gossipy, still bitter)
  10. Don’t read. Don’t read books that can feed your brain and give you ideas.
  11. Profit Last. Pay yourself last. Don’t “profit first”
  12. Surround yourself with low-margin people. Yes, you are the sum of the people you hang around. So hang around people who will drag you down.
  13. Spend more than you make. Dave Ramsey is wrong. Make $80,000 and spend $95,000 YES YES
  14. Don’t invest your money… spend it. Why get a return on your money. No spend it today and don’t have any tomorrow.
  15. Be overworked. Live a life of stress and work in business 24/7
  16. Say yes to everyone and everything and jam-pack your calendar. Don’t leave time for anything.
  17. Focus on your children when they’re older. Yes, yes, Ignore your children when they’re small. Then when they’re “18” beg to spend time with them.
  18. Don’t learn how to sell. Why learn how to sell. It’s not important in your business. 
  19. Talk more than you listen. Don’t listen to people. Just talk all the time and don’t consider their needs.
  20. Don’t hire a coach. Why hire a coach when you know it all?
  21. Don’t forgive. Hold onto your bitterness. It just hurts YOU, not them.
  22. Don’t delegate. Put all the work on yourself, because you’re the only one who can do it
  23. Develop bad habits. Not good ones. 
  24. Don’t seek to maximize your time.
  25. Focus on your weaknesses, not your strengths.

I’d love to know what you think. Share your thoughts in Smart Hustle Nation put your own post together, tag me and let me know which ways you can DO BETTER, to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.

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