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Hub updates: Changelog & release notes

Hub updates: Changelog & release notes

We built The Hub by GoDaddy Pro to streamline workflows and shave time off tasks that typically eat up a workday.

But we aren’t done yet.

You can keep track of our progress here, as we regularly publish our updates to this platform custom made for web designers and developers.

Hub updates: Changelog & release notes

March 2022 Hub updates

Client notes

When you’re managing a large stable of clients, it helps to have reminders. What type of business are they operating, and do you have their brand colors handy? You can now add client notes in The Hub, which display prominently in the sidebar on that client’s screen.

Keep an eye on this feature, as we plan to continue building out this workstream to keep track of clients’ activity.

Client lead tracking

When it’s time to follow up on leads, avoid patting your pockets or scrolling through contacts. You can now add potential clients to The Hub as a lead, letting you store their contact information and other important details. Once they become clients, simple toggle them as Active, while your other prospects remain Leads.

February 2022 Hub updates

Bulk actions tool

Save even more time with The Hub by bulk-managing tasks like plugin, theme and user updates. The new bulk actions tool lets you avoid clicking in to each site to handle these tasks or visiting their WP Admin individually.

Incentive campaigns

If you’re base in the U.S. or India, opt in to our campaign that earns you up to 15% cash back on GoDaddy Hosting and Security products purchased for clients using delegated access. Please note, this campaign runs until May 1, 2022.

Client report templates

New templates help you save even more time communicating with clients. Rather than adding client information to reports each time you create them, just do it once, and then save that report as a template for future use.

Easy access to Help content

Find links to Help content placed where you might need it in The Hub. You can now quickly access resources like articles from our Help Center and Community, how-to videos, blog posts from The Garage, and updates from our System Status page.

White-labeled worker plugin

To keep your brand front and center, you can now remove the GoDaddy branding from the worker plugin added to WordPress sites managed with The Hub. You also have the option to add a small contact form in the WP Admin of clients’ sites to let them message you.

In-app notifications

If there are issues with any sites you added to The Hub, you’ll now immediately see notifications once you log in.

Fixed survey popup

We fixed a bug where a popup continued to display, requesting users fill out a survey. We’ve updated this popup so it displays only where relevant, and less often.

November 2021 Hub updates

Recurring invoices

With the August release of invoicing in The Hub, we’ve had strong growth and are now excited to announce our first major update: recurring Invoicing. We understand many of your services are ongoing, so we created the option to set up regularly scheduled invoicing and payments. We’ve discovered that between 20% and 40% of invoices are recurring — and are more likely to be paid promptly. You’ll now see an option to set a recurrence of weekly, biweekly, monthly or a custom value. Go to your invoice list to see this option for both a recurring series or individual invoices tagged to belong to a series. Invoices - The Hub

New incentive campaigns in the U.S.

We’ve added two new campaigns you can leverage for additional revenue when you set up clients with GoDaddy products. First, earn $50 for any new cPanel Web Hosting plan purchased in your clients’ delegated accounts. You can also get back 10% on all Managed WordPress purchases you make using these accounts. New incentive - the hub

Client report editor

Create a report using the Gutenberg editor — the same tool found in WordPress — for an overview of sites you manage. You can then generate a link to send to clients, which is especially useful when you offer recurring maintenance services. In the near future, look for templates, recurring scheduling, reports sent from The Hub, and the integration of more Gutenberg blocks into the experience. Client report editor - The Hub

Percent-based pricing for new Resellers

This update is one of the most significant to the Reseller platform in more than two decades. Percent-based pricing lets new Resellers to set a percentage markup rule above wholesale for different groupings of products. It can streamline the pricing experience, from millions of individual price points to a few hundred pricing rules.

More apparent delegation in client list

We’ve updated the layout of the Clients page to include access-level icons. It lets you quickly tell which clients have delegation permissions. These icons also give quick access to shared shopping and the logged-in experience as a client. Client list view - The Hub

Updated status widget designs

We refreshed the look of your status widget located on the Overview page in the Sites section. This offers a quick overview and status of your sites, including backups, performance, security, and uptime. In the event there is an issue, just click on the site to be transferred to a detailed view of the issue. Status widget designs - the Hub

Filters on Overview page

Users can now use the filters tool on the Overview page, saving you a lot of clicks as you no longer need to go back and forth between the Overview and Site list page. Filters in overview page - The Hub Sign up for Free

October 2021 Hub updates

Prioritized ticketing

A new ticketing experience lets you not only submit tickets right from The Hub, but also manage them. You can manage any GoDaddy Care tickets, including Advanced Technical Support, WordPress Premium Support, Paid Migrations, Website Design Services, and more coming soon.

Incentive offerings

If you’re based in the U.S., you can now earn money for getting clients set up with GoDaddy products, starting with $50 for any new cPanel Web Hosting plan you purchase from a client’s account. These incentive payments are transferred directly to you, not just in store credit. Look for more incentives and availability in other regions to come soon.

Maintenance mode

Quickly set up maintenance and coming soon pages on sites you manage, right from The Hub. No more wrangling different plugins or having to create one-off solutions. The default templates can be modified or you can create your own custom template.

Client reports

Build and share reports that showcase all your work, project progress, and the status of clients’ sites, projects, and data. If you used our legacy platform, this feature might seem familiar — but we’ve completely revamped it. Instead of generating a simple PDF document after clicking a few inputs, you now have full editing capabilities with the WordPress Gutenberg block editor.

User management

Manage WordPress users on every website you manage, right from The Hub. You can add, edit, or remove any WordPress users without logging in or out of clients’ websites or leaving the Hub.

Action history tool

From the Sites list in the Hub, you can check out a site’s history by going to the menu button in the upper right, and then clicking Action History. From here, you can view a report of all the actions taken in The Hub

August 2021 Hub updates

Invoicing & payments

The Hub’s invoicing and payments feature was just launched to a limited amount of Hub users, with plans for a complete rollout soon. To access the feature (if available), go to the left-hand sidebar, and then click Invoicing.

You must sign up for GoDaddy Payments and follow a quick and easy setup process. Once complete, there are two ways to send invoices:

  • Create an invoice in The Hub, which automatically emails it to your client.
  • Use The Hub to generate a payment link, which you can send to your client.

This new feature saves you time and money. It’s no longer necessary to buy multiple tools and apps, and the entire billing process takes only seconds. You get a single location in The Hub where you can view past, pending and overdue invoices and payments, as well as issue refunds and receipts.

You’ll receive notifications in The Hub as payments are received, become late or get declined. The Hub will automatically email clients about any late payments.

August 2021 Hub Updates Invoicing
Invoicing is a big release in our August 2021 hub Updates.

Plugin & theme management

Install, remove and update single or multiple plugins and themes directly from The Hub. You can add plugins and themes via several methods, including the WordPress repository, online storage and manually uploaded .ZIP files.

August 2021 Hub Hupdates Management
It’s now easier to update plugins and themes, thanks to our August 2021 Hub Updates.

New onboarding experience

We’ve launched an onboarding experience for new Hub users that walks you through some of the most important areas of The Hub to get up to speed quicker and save your business more time.

August 2021 Hub Updates Onboarding
A new onboarding experience is part of our August 2021 Hub Updates.

July 2021 Hub updates

Manage tags

Create and name new tags, change their colors, and edit or delete existing tags. Apply tags to your websites in The Hub for easing scanning of your list of websites.

For example, tagging sites with Development would let you see what’s yet to be launched. A Live tag could indicate completed websites. You might even want a Personal tag to set apart your own sites from those of clients.

To manage tags, go to Sites, and then from the top-right menu labeled with three dots, select Manage Tags. From here, you can work with your Existing tags or click Create new tag to start from scratch.

July 2021 Hub Updates
Tag management is one of your July 2021 Hub updates.

Adding your logo & business name

Now when you set up The Hub for the first time, you can enter your business name and add a logo. This branding can be added to future communication tools planned for The Hub.

Development of big features

Our engineers have been working long hours to bring you a couple of huge features, expected to be released very soon:

  • Payments & invoicing — Initially rolled out to U.S.-based users followed by all users, this feature will let you invoice clients and receive their payments directly from The Hub.
  • Plugin & theme management — Handle actions like installing, removing and updating single or multiple plugins or themes directly from The Hub. You can add plugins and themes via several methods, including the WordPress repository, online storage and manually uploaded .ZIP files.

June 2021 Hub updates

Hub Office Hours

To connect with users, answer questions, and get feedback, we’ll regularly be hosting Hub Office Hours. Keep an eye on The Garage and the GoDaddy Pro Community to sign up for future installments.

Opt-in by Care

Our experienced experts in Care are on the lookout to save our customers more time. They now have the ability to create new Hub accounts for customers during support calls. The next time you contact Care to get that problem solved, don’t be surprised if you walk away with more free time on your hands.

Final testing of advanced features

We randomly selected 50% of Hub users and made new features available to them in a final round of testing:

  • New site setup — When you use The Hub to add an existing site or create a new site altogether, you’ll either see at the top right or a floating action button. We’re serious about saving you time, right down to every click you make.
  • Community page — We’ve created a light version of the GoDaddy Pro Community so you can get a quick glance at what’s going on with peers and small business customers.
  • RSS feeds — Once logged in to The Hub, half of users will see posts from the GoDaddy Pro Community and half will see posts from the GoDaddy Pro section of the GoDaddy Garage.

May 2021 Hub updates

Electronic signatures

Electronically sign, notarize and store documents with this new feature powered by Acronis Notary Cloud. It’s another big step toward the Hub becoming an all-in-one solution for your business. You’ll have convenient access to key documents like contracts and proposals, as well as the ability to send them to clients. To get started, go to the right-hand Common Tasks sidebar, click Electronic signatures, select your region, and then click Get Started.

May 2021 Hub Update Signature
Included in your May 2021 Hub update: More easily manage documents with electronic signatures.

Hub vs. ProSites comparison page

Compare development of the Hub to its legacy counterpart on this page. Longtime users of GoDaddy Pro will appreciate the information as they determine the right time to begin using our new and improved platform.

May 2021 Hub Updates Chart
One of our May 2021 Hub updates is this chart comparing new and legacy platforms.

Bashed 431 bug

If you used the Hub to work on hosting-related tasks, there’s a chance you might’ve seen a 431 error — hopefully, it was the last one. We’ve implemented a fix and created a record to more quickly bash any future 431 bugs.

April 2021 Hub updates

Site maintenance packs

You can now upgrade sites individually to get site maintenance packs, which include an array of automated tools to keep that site healthy:

  • Backups: Schedule backups weekly, daily, every 12 hours or every six hours. You can then select and download any backup you need to restore.
  • Performance checks: Schedule and view automated performance checks on a weekly or daily basis.
  • Security checks: Schedule automated checks on a weekly or daily basis and receive alerts if an indicator of compromise is detected.
  • Uptime monitoring: Automated, continuous monitoring sends you an alert if your site goes down.

Add site maintenance packs from the Sites section of the Hub. Go to the domain of the site you want, open its menu on the right-hand side, and then select Upgrade to premium.

Click Purchase plan, and then complete the checkout process. The site maintenance pack will be available the next time you click into the website.

Bulk comment management

View all comments for all your WordPress sites or review them one website at a time. This bulk tool lets you approve or disapprove, mark as spam, trash, and delete comments more quickly and efficiently.

Add comments on projects

You can now leave comments on projects, a handy tool for keeping track of updates or reminders. In the future, we expect this functionality to expand so your clients can also view, add and update their comments on your projects.

Delete projects

You can now delete projects entirely, rather than archiving them, so these projects no longer display anywhere in the Hub.

Final testing of advanced features — We randomly selected 50% of Hub users and made new features available to them in a final round of testing:

  • GoDaddy hosting status: When you add a site to the Hub that uses Managed WordPress Hosting from GoDaddy, you can now view any hosting errors (e.g. 401, 403). From the Sites section of the Hub, go to Site Errors, and then from the dropdown menu select the site you want to check. Click View Details for more granular information on any errors the site experienced.
  • What’s new widget: The home page of the Hub now displays a list of the latest Hub updates, including new features and offers.
  • Pro benefits widget: The home page of the Hub now displays links to benefits available only to Hub users. Just click the link next to the benefit for more details and next steps.
  • GoDaddy Pro Community widget: The home page of the Hub now displays a feed of the latest posts in the GoDaddy Pro and Website Designer and Developer categories of the GoDaddy Community. It also lets you post your own questions and comments.

If you don’t see these advanced features the next time you log in to the Hub, don’t stress. We’re running the last round of tests right now, so you should get them soon (look for the Hub update).

March 2021 Hub updates

Code snippet tool

You can execute custom code right from the Hub, without signing in to a website. This time-saving feature eliminates the need for plugins to run commands like list files, check file readability, remove default widgets and more. It’s easy to save, edit and delete snippets to reuse them without re-entering code. To find the code snippet tool, go to the Sites section of the Hub, click into a single website, and then from the Misc menu, select Code Snippets.

Adding sites to projects

When you’re running a project, you can now assign it to one of the sites in your dashboard. This action opens several shortcuts: logging in to the site admin, jumping to the site’s page in the Hub, or visiting its home page. See it in action.

GoDaddy Pro benefits pages

The GoDaddy website now features two new pages that highlight the benefits of GoDaddy Pro membership and the discounts it includes.

Opt-out for non-pros

It’s easier to opt out of GoDaddy Pro (in case you signed up by accident).

More visible privacy policy

The Hub’s privacy policy is very easy to find. Just click the link in the account sidebar that slides out from the right-hand side.

February 2021 Hub updates

New accessibility features

All forms now have auto-focus capability to allow typing as soon as the form opens. Browser tabs now display the section in the Hub that is open.

Searchable projects

A search field now displays on the Projects page for quicker access.

Searchable clients

A search field now displays on the Clients page for quicker access.

Speed boost

The overall speed of the Sites dashboard has been improved for users who add more than 100 websites.

January 2021 Hub updates

More granular projects

Projects can be broken into phases, which can then be broken into tasks. Users can click into and update phases and tasks within a project.

Project templates

Users can create templates of existing projects, and then choose a template for a new project.

Shared shopping carts

Users can shop for clients using that client’s GoDaddy account or by sharing a shopping cart filled with the desired products.

Greater hosting compatibility

Sites on any host can be added to the Sites section of the Hub.

Pro Sites opt-out

Users of GoDaddy Pro Sites who were automatically upgraded to the Hub can return to the old experience by selecting the opt-out option from the account menu.

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