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Impactful Email Campaigns to Paint Your Brand Identity – A Quick Guide

Impactful Email Campaigns to Paint Your Brand Identity – A Quick Guide

Whether your business is new to the market or has been plying its trade for a long time, we are sure you are well aware of the stiff competition that exists out there. What can you do, then, to clinch the belt in this royal rumble? Channel your time and energy into building a unique brand identity. And well, what’s a better channel than email campaigns to go about it? From sending targeted messages to every single contact on your email list to firmly establishing your value proposition, email lets you do it all.

Today, we are going to discuss how you can use email campaigns to create an indelible brand identity. Read on to find out!

Set the Tone with Your Welcome Email

The quality of the very first communication with your subscribers goes a long way toward shaping their perception of your brand. This is why it is critical to hit all the right notes with your welcome email. Besides setting the tone for your future communications, welcome emails allow you to capitalize on your subscriber’s sentiments. How? Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. You have just hit the “Submit” button after filling out the signup form. What do you expect to happen next? To receive some sort of communication that either confirms your submission or a message of gratitude for subscribing, right?

How would you feel about this brand should the message not appear in your inbox? Answer these questions, and the significance of welcome emails will automatically spell itself out for you.

New to crafting welcome emails? Keep the following pointers in mind.

  • Always keep in mind that the welcome email is to be kept, always, about the customer. Confirm their signup, express gratitude, and clearly tell them what they can expect from you in the days to come. Don’t try selling right from the get-go. It’ll instantly sour their impression of you.
  • Offer your new subscribers a relevant action. Given that people generally expect to receive a welcome email, their curiosity regarding your brand is high. Feed this curiosity by asking them to check out your best-sellers, requesting them to read your blog, or inviting them to follow your social handles.
  • Draft your welcome emails in a tone such that it can elicit a reply from your readers. With checking open rates no longer a possibility, this can be a good way to monitor engagement.

Here is an example:

email campaign licorice


Be Consistent

The key to building a strong brand identity lies in consistency. Be it the tone of your email copy, your color palette, or the kind of visual elements you use, you need to be consistent with them across all your emails. Additionally, if your tone and style fluctuate with every subsequent email, subscribers will never be able to grow familiar with your brand. Ultimately, you will have a tough time with both growing your contact list as well as driving conversions.

Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader

Want to stamp your authority over your competitors? Cleverly leverage your newsletter. Fill it up with original content, insights, and opinions. Showcase the authority you exercise over matters related to your domain. Everyone who signs up for a newsletter does so with the aim of learning something new. Should you happen to be successful in providing that to them regularly, you will be strengthening customer loyalty and consolidating your brand identity in the process.

Emphasize Your Value Proposition

Remember, if you want to draw customers to your brand you can’t be flashy about your offerings. Instead, you need to present what value your products or services are going to add to their users’ lives. Also, your communication should always revolve around your subscribers’ pain points. Unless and until they are made to understand why what you have in store is the best solution for their problem, they will never bother to engage with you. Advertise as much as you want to about your products ranking better than your competitors. It’ll simply be of no avail.

Wrapping It Up

Learning to paint a brand identity with impactful email campaigns is, admittedly, a tough nut to crack. However, if you keep the above best practices in mind, we are sure that you will have no trouble mastering it!

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