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What are the Best Channels for Leveraging IT Blog Content?

What are the Best Channels for Leveraging IT Blog Content?

What are the Best Channels for Leveraging IT Blog Content?



Blog content about information technology should always focus on one word – it’s literally in the name – technology! IT blog content should always capitalize on the various technologies to help brands position themselves in the eyes of clients and prospects. From social media to email marketing, there is a bevy of ways to ensure your blog content is constantly read and evokes the sort of positive emotional response that creates loyalty and influences people the right way about your services. Plus, they can recommend your blog to their friends to score you some extra attention and profit. 

Already armed with useful and reliable SEO tactics to ensure your website copy is easily searchable on the top search engines on the internet, let’s supply you with some much-needed ammunition to ensure that your IT website gets views from all angles. If you’re looking for some top channel recommendations for promoting your IT blog content, here are a few to take note of before executing your next marketing campaign. 


Make Social Media Your #1 Promotional Tool 


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Social media marketing for your IT blog content is a no-brainer. It’s the easiest way for any brand to get maximum exposure with its target audience and also one of the most efficient. Using social media allows you to advertise your services and use visuals to promote your tech services, so it’s aesthetically pleasing yet highly informative to readers. 

Well over 90% of brands use social media for marketing purposes, and they, to varying degrees, see the immediate benefits. For one, social media attracts increased traffic for your blog content, allowing your IT brand to reach wider audiences. If the content is especially valuable to users, then more of them will share it online and send recommendations to others. The added likes, shares, and comments will boost your engagements, putting your IT blog content in more newsfeeds, garnering clicks, and boosting your website’s ranking along the way. 

On Facebook, for example, you can further this outreach through social media advertising by boosting one of your posts about a new device or tech trend, either to simply drive engagements or to leverage traffic back to your website. Social media advertising can be very cost-effective for brands. By spending as little as $5 or $10 you can get hundreds of engagements for your posts. It’s also cost-effective in that, even without the advertising, you’re still making your website visible to a countless number of new users for free. 

When leveraging your social media to promote your IT blog, you can add your blog link to your bio section. Instagram is especially useful for this as the bio is ideally placed in your profile underneath the follower count and your brand description. You can also integrate social media icons on your site and embed your social media pages on your website so that the pages and site link back to each other. 

Ensure that you use as many hashtags as possible to expand your site’s reach, particularly industry-specific hashtags that aren’t overused or have a low keyword density. Additionally, the hashtags on social media will make it easier for readers to find similarly relevant content revolving around specified terms. And, when you’re posting your blog content on social media, take a look at your insights to determine when your visitors are most likely to browse your content so you can post at those times and do so regularly. 


Using Email Marketing/Newsletters to Attract Interest 



Email marketing is a great way to generate quality leads, though it should be done with some amount of tact and nuance. The reason is that people get unimportant emails every day, and because they’re mostly working people, they tend to easily ignore emails unless they are highly urgent. Avoid annoying tactics like filling up subscriber inboxes, being too personal, or sending emails from a type of email address like you’re a bot. 

Your email marketing should be personalized and well-paced yet avoid being spammy and invasive so that you allow your readers to develop a relationship with you. Plus, it helps when you add some enticing visuals with your marketing campaigns as significantly more people remember images and videos than text. The more visual the emails are, the more enticing the content will be to readers, piquing their interest to click on your blog links and get the insight they seek from high-level IT brands. 

Newsletters are also useful ways to leverage your IT blog content, using attractive design elements while weaving in elements of your blog, incentivizing subscribers to find out more about your content. The newsletter should be short yet informative, offering a preview of your blog post while also informing people about your brand and its services or technologies. B2B marketers in the IT industry may specifically find newsletters beneficial, considering that 81% of B2B marketers across all industries cite email newsletters as their most effective marketing technique. 

When setting up your email marketing campaign, ensure that you offer incentives, giving readers added incentives like a free guide. Or, you can collect emails directly from your IT blog by creating a signup form and placing it on your home page. Ensure that it stands out and attracts readers from the beginning with a strong call-to-action (CTA). 


Repurposing Your Older IT Blog Content 


Leveraging your blog content doesn’t just mean creating quality new content and utilizing your channels to spread your material to the world. It also allows you the opportunity to promote your older content and even spruce it up with newer material and more keywords so that it gets added attention. 

Content repurposing allows bloggers to reimagine posts and morph them into other content types. This can be done as long as you have a good overview of what you have posted previously and what each of your posts offers to your audience. 

You can use social media or emails to promote your older content. And, you can link your repurposed content to newer, related content so that people can read content in the same category. Alternatively, you can turn older blog posts into graphical content like infographics, where you can highlight the most important statistics or points from your content. You can also use it as part of a YouTube video or when doing an online presentation. As long as you’re creative with your content marketing strategies and the content itself is meaningful, people will read it. 

By repurposing your content consistently, you can improve your blog traffic threefold and garner stronger engagement rates along the way. Also, when you link your older content to related new content, preferably by content or linked keywords, you reduce your bounce rates as you keep site visitors browsing for longer. Make sure to go through your previous content and determine ways to improve them, if necessary, before promoting them to your intended audience. 

By establishing a relationship with Article-Writing.Co, you will get more of the nuances and quality tips you need to elevate the features of your IT brand and make them the envy of competitors everywhere. Reach out to our blog writing experts, and let’s improve your content creation capabilities to make your brand the best!


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