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What Makes Social Media Posts Captivating? 5 Key Things.

What Makes Social Media Posts Captivating? 5 Key Things.

According to research, over 3.6 billion people use social media worldwide, a number projected to increase to almost 4.41 billion in 2025. With such a massive presence of people on social media channels, businesses can’t afford to miss the huge opportunity of reaching wider audiences through social media marketing. It doesn’t matter whether you run a traditional store or online business, social media marketing is of utmost importance.

Superficially, social media marketing might seem an easy task, but in truth, captivating the hearts of audiences on social media accounts is easier said than done. Why is that so? Because every business organization in the world relies on social media marketing.

Given that, social media platforms are flooded with content designed for marketing. Every day, people come across multitudinous marketing messages, posts, and uploads on social media. Do you think they have sufficient time or interest to go through each and every post? Obviously, no! They can’t go through each and every post.

Hence, they filter the most captivating ones and respond to them. This implies that if you aspire to succeed in your digital marketing endeavors, it is crucial for you to outperform competition and stimulate your target audience to attend to your posts at priority. How to do that?

The answer lies in captivating social media posts. In this blog, we’ll explore what exactly makes social media posts captivating. With this knowledge, you can generate posts that your customers prefer over all others that keep bombarding their social media accounts.

The secret ingredients that make social media posts captivating


In the words of Mark Twain, “Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing”. His words are especially true during the current times when our lives are overcast by dark clouds of stress.

Today, there is not a single person in the world who doesn’t experience stress in day-to-day life. Even children have multitudinous stressors to deal with such as exam stress, stress induced by the pandemic, etc.

Under such circumstances, people continuously search for things that can help them experience some stress relief. Humor is one of the best antidotes for stress and that’s why a majority of people are inclined towards humorous social media posts. According to research, 58% of consumers want to see ads that make them laugh.

Hence, humor is the most effective ingredient to make your social media posts captivating. Infuse humor wherever you can and see people responding actively to your posts. Moreover, you’ll also see an increase in the size of your social media community.

Also, humorous posts help with expense management. When your social media posts are humorous, people naturally get attracted to your brand. With that, you don’t have to spend enormous amounts of money on other marketing endeavors.

Further, if you aspire to learn how to infuse humor in your social media posts, there are some brands that you can learn from. Innocent drinks, Wendy’s, Skittles, and Asos are some of them. Do check their social media accounts to see their humorous posts and get some inspiration to begin with yours.

Alignment with social issues

According to research, 66% of consumers say that they want brands to engage in social and political issues, with a majority citing social media as the best channel for it. This finding makes it clear that people want brands to align their social media posts with social and political issues. Given that, it is imperative for you to focus on the leading issues that the people of the world are concerned about and create your social media posts around them.

For example, today, the world is standing together to support Ukrainians and stop the war initiated by Russia. As a socially responsible brand, you should also stand up for the victims and show your support through social media posts.

Everywhere on the internet, people are searching for war updates and related news. If you also post about it, you’ll naturally captivate the hearts of your audience. Further, if you are a female business owner, this is a chance to express your empathy. Women are generally considered to be more empathetic than men. You should try to pour all your empathy into social media posts. Empathetic posts are more appealing and foster an easy connection with the audience.

So, all in all, you should always align your social media posts with social issues that people are concerned about.


In the words of Robert McKee, “Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.” People love stories. The biggest reason why it is so is that storytelling takes us back to our childhood when our grandparents or parents used to tell us stories.

Due to our childhood memories, we connect with stories instantly. Needless to say, people love storytelling. To create captivating social media posts, you should embed stories in them.

Tell your audience stories about your brand, products, your mission, what’s going on in your company and so on. Believe me, this will help you connect with them emotionally and you’ll witness a significant boost in the reputation of your brand.

Bold and Bright colors

This one is pretty simple to understand. Bold and bright colors attract our attention. Imagine you enter a dull gray room with a bright green painting in it. Where do your eyes go first? Obviously, it is the green painting! After all, it’s bright and attractive.

With this, we have come to the conclusion that bold and bright colors attract our attention. Hence, to grab the attention of your audience, you should use bold and bright colors in your social media posts.

Additionally, you should also design your posts in an attractive way. Use easy-to-read fonts, keep the design simple yet alluring, relate to characters that your target audience can connect with, just like writing a cover letter to impress an interviewer, and so on. The process of designing is not easy and requires strategic planning. So, you should not hurry to upload your posts but take proper time to create captivating ones first.

Involving the audience

Another secret ingredient to make your social media posts stand out is to involve your audience. Why involve your audience? Because we all love to express ourselves, our opinions, and our ideas. When you involve your audience and give them a chance to give voice to their ideas, opinions, you make them feel valued.

That’s why people love to interact with brands that give importance to their ideas, compliments, and opinions. Having said that, you should try to engage your audience by seeking their opinions about things.

For example, you can ask, “What is your take on this?” at the end of a post and give your audience a chance to speak. Do try out this tactic, you’ll reap enormous benefits.

Social media marketing has emerged as one of the most effective and influential ways of marketing. Billions of people use social media and you can reach them directly through your social media posts.

But, to reap the intended results from your social media marketing endeavors, you should create captivating social media posts. The above-mentioned are some ingredients that make social media posts captivating. Do infuse your social media posts with them. Wish you All the Best.

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