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Brand Associate

Brand Associate

It’s becoming more challenging to maintain brand associate visibility among all stakeholders in the new virtual or hybrid world of work.

One Simple Technique for Keeping Yourself Visible on Social Media

Your social media branding presence is much more vital now than before the Covid-19 pandemic. You want to avoid falling into the professional trap of “out of sight, out of mind.”

However, media platforms are under siege, and may disappear unexpectedly. Many professionals are not in sync in devoting a significant amount of time each day to generating and sharing information on the internet. It seems to be a diversion from their “actual job” as well as a significant time drain.

Fortunately, there is some encouraging news for you.

If you don’t want to take on the new job title of Social Media Maven, there are other ways to be visible, accessible, and relevant to the people you want to impact. It’s referred to as content curation, and it should allow you to take a deep breath of relief.

When you share other people’s material, various positive outcomes may occur.

1. You make the most of your time.

The first and most apparent advantage is that it is free. You save valuable time. There’s a lot more of it.

Curation saves time since it eliminates the need to spend an hour developing fresh material. Instead, it allows you to spend a minute making other people’s work available to your audience.

2. You will learn branding.

When you curate other people’s work on a topic that you want to be renowned for, you’re gaining knowledge from their expertise and viewpoint on the subject.

This provides you with information that you can utilize to improve your performance at work and the opportunity to refine your point of view.

Furthermore, identifying your thought leadership and personal brand distinction is crucial.

As we all know, many people do what you do. Therefore it’s essential to have your thoughts, methods, and procedures to distinguish yourself from the crowd.

3. You’ll begin to connect genuinely.


By sharing someone else’s material, you are assisting them in increasing their exposure on the internet. This is an excellent method to establish a working connection with an author or thought-leader in your area of expertise.

We are all aware that the most effective strategy to build a strong network is to donate to others. A recognition of their efforts, as well as the chance to be visible to a more prominent but focused group, are two of the most valuable gifts you can provide to other people.

This is a fantastic long-term networking method that avoids the slimy feeling that comes with asking someone for anything in exchange for their time.

According to Dorie Clark in her best-selling book The Long Game, genuine networking is not about attempting to gain something as quickly as possible. A whole different experience occurs when we seek to create friends and establish connections rather than merely get something materialistic.

4. Increase the visibility of your company’s brand.

By associating yourself with the author’s content and shining a light on the experts cited in the post, you begin to establish a connection between your brand and the author’s.

It’s referred to as brand association.

You establish connections with well-known or revered people, or at the very least visible, in the community you want to influence. That relationship with a brand has an impact on how people see you.

5. Show your branding commitment to the firm.

When you post material that originates from your organization — for example, via your firm’s LinkedIn profile — people refer to you as a digital brand representative. Consequently, several positive outcomes follow.

First and foremost, you are seen internally as someone with interest in the company’s work.

In addition to learning about what is going on outside of your job function or department, you will become more visible to people in various business sections if you actively seek out material to post on social media.

You also increase the visibility and value of the material produced by your firm.

We know that just 3 percent of workers upload or share company-related information to their feed from the LinkedIn Blog. These articles account for 30 percent of all social activities on the platform (likes and shares).

Consider curating material regularly.


Especially if you feel like you should engage more in social media. Yet time and effort override any good you see in it. It’s a quick and easy approach to enhance your brand associate presence on social media without having to put in the extra effort of working the night shift.

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