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Threads Is Coming for Twitter – Here’s What You Need to Know

Threads Is Coming for Twitter – Here’s What You Need to Know

A new app called Threads has been released by Meta, the parent company of Instagram, in the constantly changing world of social media. This application seeks to overthrow Twitter’s hegemony in the text-based sharing market. Twitter has vowed to sue Meta, as Twitter is not pleased with this new announcement. Let’s investigate this conflict’s specifics and see what Threads has to offer.

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Twitter has charged Meta with hiring former workers illegally and using stolen trade secrets and intellectual property to create Threads. Meta is ordered to stop exploiting any trade secrets or private information belonging to Twitter immediately in a letter from Alex Spiro, Elon Musk’s personal attorney who is defending Twitter. In the event that Meta disobeys, Twitter has stated its intention to use legal means and injunctive relief to defend its intellectual property rights.

In order to hasten the development of their rival app, Spiro alleges that Meta purposefully employed ex-Twitter workers to work on Threads. This was done with the sole goal of utilizing Twitter’s trade secrets and intellectual property. He contends that doing so contravenes both state and federal regulations as well as these workers’ commitments to their former company. Additionally, Spiro claims that Meta is not allowed to scrape follower-related information from Twitter.

However, Meta disputes these assertions. They claim that none of the developers developing Threads were previously employed by Twitter. The comment was issued on Threads by Andy Stone, head of communications for Meta.

Expanding on what Instagram does best with photographs and videos, Threads provides a new platform for in-the-moment updates and open dialog. Users can interact with friends and creators who share their interests by following them, just like on Instagram. This applies to everybody they follow on Instagram and elsewhere. Threads attempts to offer a positive and imaginative environment for idea expression by employing the current set of safety and user restrictions.

Users can log up with their Instagram account to begin using Threads. In addition to having the opportunity to modify their profile, particularly for Threads, this enables their username and verification to carry across. Users who are younger than 16 (or 18 in some countries) are automatically placed in a private profile when they sign up. To ensure inclusivity for all users, Threads also offers fundamental accessibility features like screen reader support and AI-generated image descriptions.

The app’s feed consists of threads posted by users’ followers on Threads as well as suggested material from up-and-coming authors. Posts on Threads may contain up to 500 characters, links, images, and videos that are no longer than five minutes. Users can quickly share Threads content as links on other sites or to their Instagram stories.

Tools are built into Threads to support empowering and fruitful dialogues. Within the app, users have control over who can mention them and respond to them. Like Instagram, hidden words can be used to filter out comments that include particular words. Using the three-dot option, users can also unfollow, block, restrict, or report a profile on Threads. The same accounts that have been blocked on Instagram will also be blocked immediately on Threads.

Because Meta places a high focus on safety, the Instagram Community Guidelines will be upheld throughout the application. Meta remains dedicated to furthering integrity measures and investments to safeguard the Threads community, having made a sizeable investment in teams and technologies to protect users.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) launched ActivityPub as an open social networking protocol, and Meta intends to make Threads compatible with it. Because of this interoperability, WordPress and Mastodon as well as other programs that use the ActivityPub standard could connect with Threads. Threads promises to enable new connections that are now not possible on the majority of social apps by embracing interoperability.

Beyond just allowing users to follow one another, open social networking protocols have several advantages. Innovative user interfaces and functionalities can be created by developers that smoothly connect with other open social networks. Users have the opportunity to select locations that are consistent with their values thanks to the ability of each compatible app to create its own community standards and content management procedures. Future online systems may benefit from this decentralized strategy, which is similar to email and the web.

In order to enable Threads users to locate their community irrespective of the app they use, Meta’s objective is to join the expanding ecosystem of interoperable services.

Over 100 nations currently offer Threads to iOS and Android users. The Apple Store and Google Play Store both offer the ability to download the software.

Meta intends to provide further features in the future to improve the Threads experience. These features include enhanced feed recommendations and a more powerful search engine for monitoring topics and trends in real-time.

As they continue to create new features and promote connections on the app, Meta is keen to hear from users.

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